How to Codeigniter 3.1.2 To 3.1.11

1) Replace all files and directories in your system/ directory. ((OK)) 3.1.11 folder place

2) Remove usage of nice_date() helper (deprecation) replace with DateTime::createFromFormat($input_format, $input_date)->format($desired_output_format); => its in system folder so => (OK) 3) Remove usage of $config[‘standardize_newlines’] = make it false = (OK) 4) Remove usage of the APC Cache driver (deprecation) == we used in phpexcel library 5) Remove usage of CAPTCHA helper extra parameters (deprecation) => get new system folder display there only 6) Check for calls to is_countable() replace with you should now rename the calls to it to word_is_countable() 7) Replace config/mimes.php

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